Chucky Unleashes His Rage on Toy Story 4 in Latest Child’s Play Poster

Posted 2019/05/011310

Chucky is gunning for Woody’s job in the latest poster for the Child’s Play Remake. We’re rapidly approaching the summer movie season, which is going to be particularly loaded down this year. Some might argue with the release of Avengers: Endgame, even though it’s not technically summer yet, that we’re already in it. In any event, the competition will be fierce at the box office in the coming months and this latest trailer for the horror remake is having some fun with that very concept.

We’ve seen several themed posters from the marketing team for this movie thus far. One in honor of 4/20 and one for Easter, in which, Chucky brutally killed the Easter bunny. Now we have one that is taking a stab, quite literally, at Toy Story 4. The two movies share a release date and this poster is making a cheeky, and let’s not forget bloody, reference to that very fact. The post was shared with the following caption.

“There’s a new sheriff in town. Meet your new best friend on June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie”

Now, as for the poster itself, it’s downright sinister. The one-sheet uses the exact same background employed by Disney/Pixar for their Toy Story 4 teaser poster, which features Woody at its center. In this instance, we see Chucky’s foot about to step out of view, blood on the bottom of his shoes, with what is intended to look like Woody’s arm, hat in hand, ripped from the body off to the side. Brutal. Star Wars star Mark Hamill, who takes over as the voice of the killer doll in the remake, in place of Brad Dourif, shared the poster on Twitter with a very tongue-in-cheek caption.

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“Woody?….. or wouldn’t he?”

Credit where credit is due, the producers are making the most of this movie’s potential in the marketing. Critics have yet to weigh in on the movie yet, and we actually haven’t seen all that much of Chucky in the trailers, all things considered. What we know is that this version will be a technologically advanced doll, as opposed to one possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, ala the original. Point being, we really don’t have any idea if this is actually going to be any good or not. But the marketing is proving to be rather entertaining on its own.

Franchise creator Don Mancini declined to be involved with the remake. He is, instead, working on a Chucky TV series for SyFy which will take place within the continuity of the original movies. So, yes, we will have two different versions of the franchise going at the same time, which could get interesting. The cast for the remake includes Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry and Gabriel Bateman. Be sure to check out the new poster from the Child’s Play Twitter account below. We’ve also included the Toy Story 4 poster in question for the sake of comparison.

Child's Play remake poster Toy Story 4 spoof

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