Coming 2 America & Bad Boys for Life Casts Collide at Tyler Perry’s New Studio

Posted 2019/10/31130

Coming 2 America has officially started production in Atlanta. Eddie Murphy was spotted on the set with Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, and more. Out of the aforementioned names, Murphy and Snipes are the only ones who have officially been announced for the cast of the highly anticipated sequel, which will hit theaters with a PG-13 rating. With a rating like that, it’s going to be hard to keep Morgan around and Murphy and crew may end up rethinking the whole ratings deal, though that seems unlikely.

Shari Headley was also spotted in the Coming 2 America set photos. However, it appears that the sequel is being shot at Tyler Perry’s studio in Atlanta, which is apparently where Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are doing reshoots for Bad Boys for Life. These photos were more than likely taken in between takes of both projects. As for Tracey Morgan, he could still very well be in Coming 2 America, which we all hope is true.

Curiously, Arsenio Hall, who has been confirmed for Coming 2 America was not spotted on the set. Hall is out promoting his first-ever stand-up comedy special for Netflix. The comedian is no stranger to stand-up, but he never had a chance to do his own special, which is understandable after his career exploded without having to do one. However, now is the time and he is ready for it. Hall says the special was a “way to heal” after the disappointment of his rebooted talk show’s cancellation.

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Arsenio Hall will probably join the Coming 2 America cast as soon as he’s done promoting his Netflix special. Eddie Murphy is reportedly doing his own Netflix special for an estimated $70 million. The comedian is excited about his return to the stage and isn’t worried about today’s social and political climate. But, when it comes to acting, the current production may be his final acting role. Murphy admitted that stand-up has always been his main passion, even though he hasn’t done it in over 30 years now. He says he’s ready to stay close to home in order to hang out with his large family.

Coming 2 America is all set to hit theaters on December 18th, 2020. While a lot of original cast members are returning to the sequel, Eriq La Salle will not have a part in it, which means No Soul Glo. La Salle claims he is far too busy to take part in the sequel, which sounds weird because he could more than likely knock out a cameo real quick. He may not have been invited, which would also not be that great of a feeling. You can check out the star-studded behind-the-scenes pictures from Coming 2 America below, thanks to Wesley Snipes’ Instagram account.

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