Doctor Strange Wears Iron Man Armor In Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art

Posted 2020/02/0890

Doctor Strange was originally going to wear Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit in Avengers: Infinity War. The news comes from some recently unveiled concept art from the epic movie. Even two years after the movie hit theaters, we’re still learning about what went on behind-the-scenes and what could have been. The Russo Brothers, along with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely tossed around a lot of ideas that never made it past the concept art stage. With that being said, the concept art helps to fill the larger overall story.

The Infinity War concept art comes to us from artist Phil Saunders and it is a must-see for any Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. We see Doctor Stephen Strange wearing Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. Instead of the Arc Reactor, we see the Eye of Agamotto, giving it flair. Additionally, Strange is getting ready to work some magic with his hands in the image. A second piece of concept art finds Strange’s face obscured by the helmet.

According to concept artist Phil Saunders, Infinity War was originally going to have something different happen during the famous Q-Ship scene, where Tony Stark and Peter Parker attempt to save Doctor Strange from Thanos’ Black Order. In the concept art stage, Stark was going to transfer his suit over to Strange in order to protect him from Ebony Maw. However, the Russo Brothers decided to go with the simpler direction that can be seen in the final cut. It would have been pretty great for MCU fans to see Strange in an Iron Man suit, where he probably took care of Ebony Maw on his own.

Infinity War set the events for Avengers: Endgame, which is now the highest grossing movie of all time. As the Russo Brothers stated, all deaths were to remain final, which explains why Vision did not make it back for the second movie. But, as we learned, the victims of Thanos’ Decimation were not killed off, which laid the groundwork for their epic return, something Doctor Strange saw on Titan. Strange was the only one who knew how everything was going to work out, and after seeing Endgame, watching him share an Iron Man suit may have put some extra emotional weight at the end.

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In the end, the Russo Brothers and the rest of the Marvel Studios crew were able to deliver two absolutely massive movies that fans are still talking about today. The MCU is about to look much different this year, staring with the Black Widow standalone movie and then with the Eternals, which hits theaters at the end of the year. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still slated for 2021, but that could all change any day now. While we wait for more Doctor Strange news, you can check him out in an Iron Man suit below, thanks to Phil Saunders’ Instagram account.

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